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Louise Cantrell Receives FINI DANCE Lifetime Achievement Award

Immeasurable Joy

Many people wander through life wondering what it would be like to truly make a difference in this world.  Few of those are recognized for their incredible contributions.  The Dancing Angels Foundation founder is one of the rare few recognized not only for her heart bent to honor and remember her daughters through dance, but also for her amazing work in the community.  From tragedy to joy, you can understand the emotion behind her journey!

In 2004, she settled in North Carolina and married Edward Cantrell, who joined the 3rd Special Forces Group. During her husband's career, Louise gave up her own career and became a stay at home mother, caring for their daughters Isabella and Natalia.


On March 2, 2012, tragedy struck when their home burned down. Louise survived, but her husband and daughters perished. To honor and perpetuate the memory of Isabella and Natalia, Louise created the Dancing Angels Foundation to ensure their memory through dance scholarships for dedicated dancers.

Louise Cantrell is Awarded the

FINI DANCE Lifetime Achievement Award

The FINI Dance Festival and Awards returned to the Ailey Citigroup Theater to present a gala performance and presentation of awards to outstanding figures in the dance community, August 31, 2022 at 8 PM, hosted by Milan's charming actress/TV personality Tabata Caldironi.

Founded in 2011 in Calabria Italy by Calabria native Antonio Fini, the annual event celebrates artists from Italy and New York, sharing a program in a spirit of exchange and collaboration.

The evening also includes awards for dance notables. Recipients of past awards include Alessandra Ferri, Edward Villella, Luigi, Alessandra Corona, and more.

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Louise Cantrell with Her FINI DANCE Lifetime Achievement Award


Native New Yorker, Louise Cantrell earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at the College of New Rochelle. With over ten years of experience she became an Assistant Vice President at Guy Carpenter & Company.


Louise with Antonio Fini and Tabata Caldironi, during receptionof the Lifetime Achievement Award


Four Recipients from the 2022 FINI Dance Festival and Awards


Louise Cantrell with Antonio Fini


Louise with Fellow Recipient, Lloyd Knight, Winner of the Extraordinary Dance Award

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