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"I'm extremely thankful and inspired how this organization gives back to the dance community. This experience meant alot to me, to be able to dance in an environment that's supportive and wants to see dancers excel.  I'm very fortunate to receive this scholarship - thank you."

"I had my first Pas de Deux experience, made a new bestie, and had some good challenges.  I would have never been able to go if it wasn't for your help, Thank you so much."


"Dear Mrs. Cantrell, May your work and the foundation continue to be blessed as you work to inspire future dancers.  My granddaughter was a 2022 scholarship recipient.  Thank you for making it all happen.  May God bless you and protect you and your mission to spread joy through dance."


"Dear Mrs. Cantrell, Thank you so much for supporting me in my dance training. Ballet means so much to me and I am incredibly grateful for you and your foundation.  Thank you for what you do for artists like me."


"Dancing Angels Foundation has allowed me to do what I love and improve so much.  I am truly grateful for what you do."


"Thank you so much for the scholarship.  I will dance to honor those two very special angels."


"I hope to contribute to the world of dance and make a difference like you."


"I admire this foundation not only for what you do but for what you represent.  This summer I will be dancing in memory of Isabella and Natalia.  Your support means the world to me"


"I am honored to have been chosen to represent you and your family.  I truly appreciate what your foundation has done for me and so many others"


"Thank you for supporting me in my dance journey"


"I wanted to thank you so much for your generosity, kindness, and compassion. The scholarship to help my daughter was beyond what I could have imagined for her.  To see her smile from ear to ear was priceless.  Thank you for making a 2 year journey finally come to life.  I am beyond grateful"

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